What is your Earth Healing Archetype?

There are five elements which together make up all life. Find about your element.

Hi, I am Fuz

I am the creator, guide, and holistic healing arts practitioner behind Restorative Health & Healing. I practice a feminine Holistic Healing Arts process which is deeply rooted in Ayurveda, Chinese, Japanese, Indigenous, and Alternative modalities to help people heal. The results are supported by science. As a holistic guide, I help you create your own customized self-healing process. We work together to find the origin or root cause where your healing takes place. No drug, surgery, treatment, or healthcare professional has ever healed anyone. All healing is self-healing. What would you do if you knew you could restore your health and life?

I discovered that over 75% of us are dealing with symptoms like rapid heart rate, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, inactivity, weight or gut issues. The 3 amigos – trauma, stress, and fear are the major cause of unhealthy symptoms in our lives. Over time, the 3 amigos trigger risky lifestyle choices like smoking, overuse of alcohol and prescription drugs, and are a leading cause of chronic disease, aging, depression, and addictions. I help you to resolve your health challenges to live a joyful, healthy, fulfilling life.

“Finding effective ways to heal trauma, stress, and fear requires a unique Holistic Healing Arts process with a customized plan for each person.” Fuz Manning



Our Core Values

• To encourage people to embrace self-care & self-love as their #1 priority

• To teach people how to self-heal their own mental, physical, & energetic body

• To help people understand the importance of treating the whole person

• To inspire people to restore their life with the Holistic Healing Arts process

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