10 Simple ways to practice emotional self-care and transform your life

To be able to participate in emotional self-care to transform your life in a profound way, engaging in an active life is key. Here are a few self-care ideas and activities that are fun and easy to do:

  1. Challenge your Negative thinking by not allowing yourself to be triggered by other people, situations, or events. The decisions and choices you make can change your negative into positive thinking.
  2. Learn how to Make a Budget and Stick to it by doing it one step at a time. Emotional self-care can begin with small amounts of money. Make a game out of it and celebrate the wins in your life.
  3. Start your day with an Attitude of Gratitude by beginning each morning reading aloud 5 things you’re grateful for. This will set a positive tone for your day and open you to experiencing infinite possibilities in your life.
  4. Create Time in your day for Healthy Emotional Self-Care by making self-care a priority throughout your day. Prioritize several 10-20 minutes periods during your day to take breaks, go for a short walk, journal, or read poetry.
  5. Schedule “Me Time” on your Calendar or Planner by making your health and life your #1 priority. Your “Me Time” should be scheduled during the week and on weekends because your emotional self-care needs to become a priority not just something you do when it’s convenient.
  6. Do Something Spontaneous by breaking old patterns to bring more joy and happiness into your life. You’ll be surprised how much fun it is, and other people will notice the renewed bounce in your step.
  7. Connect with an old Friend by calling them, do a video chat, send them flowers, or send them a handwritten note sharing how much you enjoy having them in your life.
  8. Engage in a Random Act of Kindness by paying for a coffee for the person ahead of you in line, make eye contact with a firefighter or police officer and give them thumbs-up, fist-bump, or high-five, or purchase an extra cup of coffee and share with a homeless person.
  9. Take a Different Route to Work or Home by driving through neighbourhoods, getting off the major highways, or noticing the local small shops and businesses you drive by daily.
  10. Buy Flowers for Yourself by stopping in a local florist or market and getting to know who workers there. You’ll be surprised how many people are buying flowers for themselves.

Emotional self-care isn’t a one-time event. It’s about creating a daily lifestyle to make significant changes in your life and health. You’ll notice that your physical activities and your engagement with life impacts you in creating a life worth living.