A Snapshot of Trauma, Stress, & Fear

Are you tired of being angry, confused, and wondering if it’s all worth it? Nothing impacts your life more than …. how you choose to respond to someone or a situation in your life. What if you could create a life that is a lot more fun?

Things are happening faster and faster. Before you know it your everyday stressors have you pushed over the edge again. You’re not alone. As a society, we’re juggling 3 to 8 unconscious emotionally charged decisions or actions daily hoping that we made the right choice. It’s impossible to fix anything until you’re able to see what’s happening. This is why holistic health has become the cornerstone of Restorative Health & Healing.

Trauma only happens in the past and is relived in the present
How you respond to traumatic events in your life influences the degree of trauma you relive.

Examples of trauma are:
• Physical injury, sickness, or disease
• Generational or societal trauma
• Not being loved, accepted, and supported for who you are

Examples of how your past trauma shows up in the present are:
• Symptoms like anger, mood swings, confusion, anxiety, hopelessness, muscle tension, fatigue, aches, or pain

Stress only happens in the moment and is experienced in the present moment
The level of stress in your life is not determined by what is happening, but by how you respond to something that is happening in your life.

Examples of stress are:
• Resistance to change
• Feeling trapped in a life that is suffocating
• Attempting to force something or someone to comply to your wishes

Examples of how stress shows up in the present moment are:
• Symptoms like confusion, rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, difficulty relaxing, headaches, dizziness, shaking, trouble sleeping, or insomnia

Fear is your imaginary expectation of what might happen in the future
The degree of your fear is driven by your imagination. You feel a need to project something that hasn’t happened yet and may never happen. 

Examples of fear are imagining a:
• Traffic accident
• Job loss
• Separation or divorce

Examples of how fear manifests in your body are:
• Symptoms like dry mouth, upset stomach, nausea, sweating, chills, or shortness of breath