An Awareness of Accepting Personal Responsibility For Your Health

We live in a chaotic world that wants everything their way and is chasing instant gratification. We have unconsciously contributed toward living a stressful, unhappy, and unfulfilled life. The majority of society is sick & tired of being sick & tired. Why has our attempt to resolve stress and fear in our lives not worked effectively? We have turned over the responsibility for our lives and health to healthcare professionals. As a result, we have become the sickest developed country in the world with no means to lower stress in the US.

Some have made partial progress through various means—some through prescription medication or narcotics, some through exercise, and some even through seeking religion. Unfortunately, most healthcare practices lack the means to identify the root-cause and treat unhealthy symptoms. However, people still rely on medication and repeated therapies to make them feel better. The reason that this happens lies in the fact that we have gotten so used to relying on external means that it is a bit difficult to believe, and we have everything we need just by relying on healthcare professionals. However, all these attempts are like only treating the symptoms and forgetting to treat the root-cause of the symptoms. Everything you need to attain, maintain, and live a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life can be found within yourself, through self-healing.

Holistic Healing

This is where Holistic healing arts process succeeds by treating the whole person. This process is about learning how to listen to your body. Accepting responsibility for everything in your life and understanding that all change begins with the self and making self-love and self-care the number one priority. When you realize that you create your own life by how you choose to respond to your external environment. All changes in your life is from the inside out, when you are able to experience being in the driver’s seat is critical to having a happy and joyful life.

Holistic healing AKA “Self-Healing” is about finding the balance within our feminine and masculine energy and learning to be in alignment with. Self-healing is a process of sustaining physical, mental, and energetic balance in your body and your life. Additionally, self-healing provides a unique opportunity to restore and repair your health and life through healing your trauma, lowering your stress, and resolving your fear.

At Restorative Health and Healing, we believe the holistic healing process workers for everyone. Our holistic health practitioner, Fuz, will help you create a customized plan for individuals who are struggling with stress, trauma, and fear to resolve, repair, and restore your health and your life. Fuz has over 30 years’ experience as a Holistic Health Practitioner to create with you a fun and easy customized plan that is sustainable for your life and health. Contact us now to arrange a discovery call, after which we can discuss a customized plan uniquely suited for your needs.