Restorative Health & Healing was created for people who are tired of living a stressful life, feeling empty, experiencing loss of identity and purpose, and are at a loss of what to do next. Also, for people who are sick-n-tired of being sick-n-tired and dealing with symptoms like rapid heart rate, physical inactivity, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, headaches, or upset stomach.
When you start feeling as though you are losing control over your life, this is a wake-up call that your life is out of balance. I offer you a variety of customized plans and solutions that fit your unique needs when you are ready to restore your health and your life.
The traditional healthcare system only treats your symptoms with a one size fits all approach. This disrespects who you are. I work together with you to co-create a customized plan that treats the whole person and finds the root-cause of your individual trauma, stress, or fear. Addressing root-cause is self-healing.
Self-healing is an important holistic healing process where you are guided to address and resolve your underlying causes that negatively impact your health and wellness such as trauma, stress, or fear. This healing process enables you to repair and reclaim your health and your life. All healing is self-healing.
As Dr. Gabor Maté states, “Trauma is not what happens to you. Trauma is what happens inside you, because of what happens to you.” The level of trauma you experience in your life is determined by how you consciously or unconsciously respond to something or someone in your life. These interactions can change your personal identity to how you choose to live your life. Trauma only happens in the past and is relived in the present.
No, stress does not have to be a normal part of life. Stress is not caused by some event or some person outside of you. Stress is determined by how you consciously or unconsciously respond to something or someone in your life. Stress only happens in the present moment. It cannot be managed. It is your choice in the moment to see a different perspective.
Fear is your imaginary expectation of what might happen in the future. Fear prevents you from fully engaging in life in the present moment. Fear sabotages your life, and fear immobilizes you.
NO! The 3 amigos (trauma, stress, or fear) occur in your life unconsciously as an invisible wound at the cellular level. They influence every conscious and unconscious decision you make which can impact your life and health for decades.
The 3 amigos are invisible wounds at a cellular level. They change your body’s ability to function physically, mentally, emotionally, and energetically. They can alter your heart rate and blood pressure, change blood and brain chemistry, affect mood swings, and impact digestion and hormone levels.
Everyone in the family is dealing with each other’s collective trauma, stress, and fear, which are showing up as symptoms like fear, anxiety, numb feelings, stress, depression, loneliness, thoughts of suicide, mood swings, and addictive behavior. Only treating people individually disrespects the other family members who may be suffering in silence.
Some of the professions that are at high-risk of acquiring consistent trauma, stress, or fear in their lives are military personnel, law enforcement officers, firemen, paramedics, emergency medical personnel, aid/disaster relief workers, humanitarian workers, healthcare workers, peacekeepers, social workers, or care givers. Let’s not forget about anybody you know who is breathing.
The traditional healthcare approach, drugs, or surgery have never cured or healed anyone. Drugs are addictive. They suppress your pain, discomfort, and immune system, disrupt your hormones, and prevent every organ in your body from functioning optimally. The traditional healthcare approach only treats the symptoms of the ailment, and never addresses the root-cause where all healing takes place.
Fuz is the creator, guide, and the holistic healing arts practitioner behind Restorative Health & Healing – an online global organic community dedicated to helping people repair and restore their health. He has practiced a Holistic Healing Arts process for over 30 years which is deeply rooted in Ayurveda, Chinese, Japanese, Indigenous, and Alternative modalities to help people heal. The results are supported by modern science. He helps you create your own customized self-healing process. He works together with you to find the origin or root-cause where your healing takes place. No drug, surgery, treatment, or healthcare professional has ever healed anyone.
The traditional healthcare and scientific communities have attempted to silence or condemn any natural healing process for thousands of years. The current US healthcare system came to power around 1800. Once they labeled any physical or emotional condition as a disease or disorder, they could use pharmaceutical drugs, radiation, invasive surgery, or clinical therapy to cure the symptoms. They offer a quick fix process to create a customer for life and offer you a one-size-fits-all approach. They treat the symptoms of diseases or disorders for monetary gain only. The US healthcare system spends over $446 Billion annually, but we are ranked at the bottom as having the poorest healthcare for a developed country according to the World Health Organization (WHO). If you are spending that much money, then you control the marketplace and the narrative that people accept as the truth. American doctors write over 70 million prescriptions annually.
Since you are in the driver’s seat of your own self-healing process, the results are in your hands. When you are interacting with the Holistic Healing Arts process and working with the holistic guide, you have access to creating your own customized self-healing plan. You’re the writer, editor, director, and main participant in your life story.
You are guided to create your own customized self-healing plan that is flexible enough to deal with your lifestyle and your challenges. Some plans last 2 days, while others are functioning well for 10 years. Why is that? Every plan you create can only work effectively when it is used for what it was designed to do. Your level of commitment and having an open mind will determine the success or failure of any plan.
Yes. You need to change your mindset and your willingness to work through every plan to completion. Failures and mistakes are part of the process. There are no problems or limitations. There are only opportunities to learn that there is always a different way of doing everything. Just maybe, you might be the biggest obstacle. You will discover that there’s an emotional attachment to every decision or indecision.
Yes, anyone can request my services that are being offered on my website. You do not have to be a member of our organic community. I offer a Free 30-minute discovery call to share how I work, to determine if we are a compatible team, and to decide which services are best for your needs.
No. You are creating your own self-healing process for your life and health with Fuz as your guide. Your results will vary based on your background, your level of commitment, and your willingness to be open to learn from your mistakes. All healing is self-healing and is a process. This is not a quick fix or take a pill to numb your symptoms. Fuz is helping you to create a customized plan to resolve your issues at root-cause. He is empowering you to take charge of your life. Fuz cannot be held liable for your decisions, your actions, or your results at any time under any circumstance. All sales are final, and no refunds will be granted for purchase of memberships or services.