Health vs. Healing – A New Conversation

America has the worst healthcare system for a developed country. We spend $ Trillions annually. Something is terribly wrong . . . are you ready for a “New Health Conversation?” Americans are sick-n-tired of being sick-n-tired.

It is essential to define and to understand the difference between health and healing. The real question is to determine if health or healing offers you the best results to live a happy and healthy life.

1 “Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.” The WHO & CDC endorse this definition

Health refers to the practice of allopathic or western medicine (Healthcare), which is a system of medical doctors and other healthcare professionals (nurses, pharmacists, and therapists) who traditionally treat or cure the symptoms of illness and disease using drugs, radiation, clinical therapy, or surgery. This process claims to have all the answers for you and only treats you when you are sick. They do not respect your input or your participation in your health.

Healing is a five-step process that involves:
• Making your health and your life your #1 priority
• Creating healthy lifestyle choices
• Accepting responsibility for all of your decisions or indecisions
• Participating in a support community
• Understanding that self-healing is a lifelong process

Healing finds the root-cause of any physical, emotional, mental, social, or energetic imbalance in your body at the cellular level as opposed to just treating your symptoms. Healing happens at the cellular level. It is often referred to as “Holistic Healing.” This is an ancestral art of self-healing that has been practiced worldwide for thousands of years by indigenous and nomadic cultures. Holistic healing arts is a blend of unique modalities with results that are supported by science. Restorative Health & Healing has been able to create customized process to repair and restore optimal health to make necessary changes in people’s lives and in their health. Self-healing is a process where your holistic health practitioner guides you to create a healthy lifestyle. All healing is self-healing. We treat you when you’re sick or healthy to maintain optimal health. Just because you are not sick does not mean you are healthy.

“Health is not being just disease-free. Health is when every cell in your body is bouncing with joy.” Sadhguru