Welcome to Our Organic Community

We are a resource based online global organic community who helps you understand and resolve your inner tension. When your tension is not addressed, it leads to fear, anxiety, depression, trauma, and stress. Our members love being involved in co-creating a customized process to resolve their inner tension and suppressed energy to live a joyful, healthy, fulfilling life. Most of our members are here for three reasons. First, because we respect, honor, and value the “Whole Person.” Second, because we embrace self-healing, a balance of feminine/masculine holistic healing arts process, to repair and to restore their health and life. Third, is that we believe that no one deserves to struggle or suffer alone in silence.

“A healer is not someone you go to for healing. A healer is someone that triggers within you, your ability to heal yourself.” Anonymous

Here at Restorative Health & Healing we celebrate all wins. No win is too small. We are open to the journey and not the destination. We know the growth and the transformations are found in the process. We realize that everyone has something to offer that just might trigger your breakthrough. Together, we create this fun supportive organic community for women and men to transform their lives and to regain their health. Our members fondly refer to our community as “Bein’ Home.”

“Health is not being just disease-free. Health is when every cell in your body is bouncing with joy.” Sadhguru

Whether it is mindset, self-care, inspiration, self-healing, or finding answers, we have you covered. We are your support organic community. We see you. We hear you. We understand you. If this resonates with you, please click on join. We can’t wait to meet you in the community!

“Your own Love heals you.” Jaiya John, Book Fragrance After Rain

Our Organic Community Membership Plan

We believe our supportive organic community offers a unique diversity in life experiences essential to transform your life and to embrace vibrant health. For a limited time, our Basic Membership Plan is being offered at $37 USD a month. To gain access to our community you need to put in a username, password, and select a payment method. And voilà, you’re in.

Membership Plan offers access to:

• Two Monthly live virtual teachings on health & healing
• Two 30-minute monthly virtual meetings with Fuz
• Virtual Forum Community for discussions
• Access to exclusive blogs
• Access to exclusive videos


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