Self-Healing is a Natural Holistic Approach To Heal From Trauma

Those who are dealing with trauma in their lives now may have experienced one of the following in their life:

  1. Physical or mental injury, chronic depression, breast implant illness, organ replacement, body sculpting, cosmetic surgery, chemo, radiation, surgery, anesthesia, organ or joint replacement,
  2. Environmental pollution, toxic poisoning from beauty and healthcare products, pesticides, organically modified food,
  3. Orthopedic hardware like screws, plates, wires, pins, washers
  4. Abandonment, neglect, emotional, physical, or mental abuse, addictions,

Any trauma to the physical, mental, or energetic body creates an invisible wound that changes the function of every cell, organ, or neurons and their relationship with each other. Trauma only happens in the past and is relived in the present making it difficult to heal from trauma in the US. How we respond to traumatic events in our life influences the degree of trauma we relive. People experience a variety of symptoms like anger, mood swings, depression, confusion, anxiety, hopelessness, fatigue, aches, or pain.

Restorative Health & Healing offers you a holistic way to heal from trauma. Healing from trauma involves a holistic healing process where you are co-creating with a guide a customized plan to find the root-cause of your trauma that is sustainable to meet your needs and lifestyle.